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tv   9 News Now at Noon  CBS  November 17, 2010 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 hello. thanks for joining us. i'm j.c. hayward. first the rain and then the wind. the wind is causing some problems in our region, so we're going right to howard with our forecast first. >> that's right, jc.
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good afternoon, everybody. trying to clean up from last night's storm where's we had gusts of 50, 60 miles per hour and even higher than that in a few spots. weather services are out surveying the situation. right now, we're still dealing with winds from that storm on the backside of the storm. satellite and radar, we can show you the storm. look at that line of thunderstorms coming through last night with the winds and torrential rains. in its wake, we've got the storms winding down and behind it, the winds are really gusting. gusts have come down a little bit. last hour, they were 38. right now 26 in town. winchester gusting to 40 miles- per-hour in hagerstown. that will be the case for the next few hours. the winds will be gusty as a wind advisory is in effect until 4:00 p.m. gusts 40 here, maybe 50 in the higher elevations. so a few more hours of the tremendous wind gusts. a look at the day planner for  this afternoon. we've got sunshine now. we'll have sunshine until 3:00. a few clouds north and west.
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clear skies this evening. 6:00 58 and by 9:00 down to 52. the winds will be diminishing through the evening. we'll be back in about 15 minutes with a look at the seven-day forecast. jc. >> thank you, howard. roughly 30,000 customers are without power after the storm swept through the d.c. area overnight. kristin fisher checked out the damage in one of the areas hit the hardest. the brentwood neighborhood in northeast washington. >> i just heard roaring, roaring, roaring, and then it suddenly stopped. >> reporter: what do you think it was, a tornado? >> i think close to a tornado. >> it looks like a minnie hurricane hit -- a mini hurricane hit. >> reporter: that's how residents are describing the early morning storm that even blew out windows at this mail processing center in northeast center. were you all scared? >> i was. i jumped up. >> reporter: at 9:00, this intersection was complete chaos. it is shut down, street lights
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are dark and police are directing traffic. meanwhile, if you walk down tenth street, you can see that huge sheets of roofing lined the sidewalks while farther down all of these residents are not allowed to leave their homes because of all of the downed wires, which are still live. >> stay in the house! please do not come out! i don't know if the wires are still hot! >> reporter: that was a d.c. police officer asking lennox to get back inside his home. moments earlier, he wandered outside to check on his cars. all three were badly damaged in the storm. >> i don't know what to do. i don't know if the insurance company covers this. i'm not quite shower. >> reporter: in washington, kristin fisher, 9news now. >> meanwhile, dozens of homes in baltimore are destroyed or damaged after the storms last night. this is the parkville area, right on the line with baltimore county. winds last night were reported
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at 80 miles per hour. emergency teams are expected to be on the scene all day. high winds made a terrible mess in northern virginia. this was the scene at 15th and harrison streets in arlington, virginia this morning. strong winds snapped the tree in half. luckily, no one was injured. a downed tree also made a section of greenbriar street a mess. crews are in that area trying to clean things up. remember that whenever severe weather strikes, has full details for you. check out the live interactive doppler radar. it's on our weather page. a verdict in the chandra levy murder case could come as soon as today. jury deliberations in the case again ingmar guandique were scheduled to start today.
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bruce? >> reporter: hey, jc. you can see the cameras and microphones are set up here in case we get a verdict any time in the next few hours. the jury, we can only presume are back in the jury room deliberating for the last two and a half hours. the judge told them to come back this morning 9:30, elect a foreman, start deliberating. this has been really a hard- fought case from the very start, and it continues even this morning as the jury is back in the jury room. these are the lawyers, the prosecutors and defense. they have been upstairs arguing about what kind of paperwork should go back that the jurors should be allowed to see. whether they should be allowed to see all of the grand jury testimony, whether some of that testimony impeaches some of the witnesses, what should go back and what should they be allowed to look at. of course ingmar guandique goes back. this case starts and ends against him until there is a
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verdict with the presumption of innocence. the defense attorney said that juror number 13 back there in the jury room is the presumption of innocence and that it is up to the prosecutors to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that ingmar guandique murdered chandra levy. now, reasonable doubt, what does that mean? it is what you would use to conduct kind of a standard business transaction. it is not absolute certainty, so if, for instance, you were buying a house or you were getting on an airplane or hiring a lawyer and you decided that was okay, then you don't have reasonable doubt. if you decide, i don't want to do it, that is reasonable doubt. this is a circumstantial case, but a circumstantial case is enough potentially to convict. for instance, if you go to bed at night and there's no snow on the ground and then you wake up in the morning and there's snow on the ground, well, then you
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can deduce that it snowed overnight. that is what the prosecutors are asking the jurors to do in this case. look at the similarities with the previous attacks in rock creek park. listen to the confession that ingmar guandique allegedly made to his cell mate and then decide whether he is guilty or innocent. jc that's what's going on here. if we get a verdict, we'll bring it to you live. >> bruce leshan reporting live. the u.s. district court in green belt, maryland will be busy because some of the people indicted have detention hearings this afternoon. this week, three police officers were among six people indicted. they are accused of selling and transporting untaxed liquor and cigarettes. last week, county executive jack johnson and his wife lesli were arrested, accused of hiding bribes. incoming county executive baker has not been outspoken on this
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issue. our derrick mcginty gave hmm a chance last night on 9news now at 11:00. >> it's unfortunate what has happened. there are opportunities in prince george's county and as the incoming county executive, what i want to make sure is that we put a government together that's as good as the people deserve in prince george's county. that is a great government. that's what they'll get from the baker administration. >> baker will take office on december 6th. police in montgomery county need our help trying to find a missing teen. 16-year-old rashod harper is mentally challenged. he was last seen yesterday afternoon in the 1300 block of forest glenn road in silver spring. harper was wearing a gray jacket, navy blue shirt, and khaki pants. he goes to school in wheatton but lives in prince george's county. if you have any information, call please. a gruesome discovery was
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made inside a box along interstate 70 in frederick county, maryland. road crews found the body of an adult stuffed in a box near braddick mountain yesterday morning. investigators are trying to identify the victim and determine how the victim died and how long the victim was on the side of the road. maryland state police would like to hear from you if you have any information. the salvation army is looking for donations. find out why some grocery stores are limiting their hours. and the man known as the merchant of death goes before a judge today. we'll be right back.
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and a man called the merchant of death contributed to conflicts around the world for nearly 20 years. >> reporter: suspects arms dealer victor is set to face charges in a new york courtroom accused of supplying weapons to terrorists. the former soviet military officer, who has been called the merchant of death arrived in new york late last night in handcuffs and leg irons. he was arrested during a u.s.- led sting operation in thailand, but it took two years to get him extradited to this country. >> victor boot had access and
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influence. and i think the united states government would be very interested to understand how far and how deep that influence and reach went. >> reporter: he is accused of supplying weapons for civil wars around the world with clients ranging from liberia's charles taylor to libyan leader gadhafi and even the taliban. his exploits are set to inspire the 2005 movie "lord of war." he is charged with conspiring to kill americans. prosecutors say they have him on tape agreeing to supply missiles to a columbian terrorist group that wanted to use them to attack u.s. helicopters. but both he and the russian government say he's innocent. russia fought hard to block the u.s. extradition and claims the 43-year-old is a wrongly accused businessman. relations between the u.s. and russia has been improving. the obama administration doesn't expect a tug-of-war over boot to change that. >> you have tensions that crop up periodically and we work to
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manage those. >> reporter: if he is convicted, he faces life in prison. we have good news because we've just learned that missing 16-year-old rashod harper has been found safe and sound. he was found just minutes ago in suitland, maryland. he is now home with his family. thank you. coming up, howard and the forecast. jc, the winds are starting to howl out here. skirt alert type of day. windy with gusts over 30 miles per hour. we'll let you know when the winds will become our friend and what you can expect for the upcoming weekend. 9news now returns in a moment. ñúñú
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if is a sign of the holiday season, red kettles with bell ringers but you won't be seeing them as often outside one grocery store chain. giant stores are limiting the hours that bell ringers are allowed. the new guidelines say they can be outside giant for six days this month, november, and six days in december. and they will only be allowed four hours on each day.
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>> there's so many giants in the area, it affects us locally and regionally to a greater aspect than it might if it were someone else. >> nearly half of the $1.3 million raised in last year's kettle campaign came from giant locations. officials at giant say that its policy will allow other charities access to shoppers during the holiday season. students at one local high school are taking on the largest thanksgiving service project in the country. the students and faculty are continuing a tradition that started back in 1951. >> give out these bags, drop them off on people's doorsteps and ask that they fill them up by the following weekend. each saturday and sunday, we get people to bring them back here to weigh it and sort it.
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from there, we sort it into family boxes. >> we congratulate the students and faculty. as many as 200 students are participating in this food drive. >> 1951. this will be the 50th time they'll do it. >> i like that. >> incredible. >> i like that. >> good for them. >> mm-hmm. how are you? >> much better. what a rufe night we had with the winds. we had damage in fairfax, arlington and the district up toward baltimore, bowie, i mean, widespread damage. anne arundel county, a lot of people with the winds gusting 50, 60 miles per hour. some spots even higher than that. today we don't have those sort of gusts but gusts of maybe 40 miles per hour causing minor problems, especially for the crews trying to fix the wires that are down. kind of tough with the extended cherry pickers out there. we've got the wind. it will be diminishing as we head toward the evening. 3:00, we'll try to get up to around 64.
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it won't be an enjoyable 64 with the sustained northwest wind at 20 mile-per-hours with gusts 30 to 40. by 6:00 p.m., we're down on the 50s. clear skies through midnight. we'll be mainly clear in the overnight. 52 by 9:00. midnight temperature down to 49 degrees. notice the winds diminishing as well. overnight, a lot better than where they are now. the storms last night were something. here we're at 12:20. i want to you watch as it comes right here. that's a bow echo. it's a sign of strong winds with a little bit of circulation to the north. we had damage up as i said in baltimore that seemed to get it worse than we did. today we generally clear it out. although, we've got cloudiness coming in. the gravity waves are neat. everything is lining up perpendicular to the winds. the winds are blowing westerly here. hagerstown 38 mile-per-hour gusts. only gusting at the moment to 26. i've seen gusts here in town to
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38. annapolis gusting to 37. the winds will still be up because we've got that wind advisory until 4:00 p.m. 60 at the current temperature here. lots of 50s north and west. remember there's a little bit more in the way of cloud cover up here with winchester and oakland and garrett county in the 30s. south and east the warm stuff. fredericksburg and pax river right now. jammed by the way this reedville and they are 62 in the northern neck. west winds right now 20 miles per hour with a temperature of 60 degrees. the air is dry. the dew point's only 37. if we didn't have the rain, i'd be concerned about the fire danger but things are wet with 2 inches alone. denver 29. there's some almost winter-like -- well, winter-like cold air there. some snow is falling but really we've got a storm system coming in the middle. country. this is our next weathermaker. the big storm giving us the
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winds and storms last night is going through new england. muchch new england clearing except up in maine with scattered showers on the backside. we'll continue to watch all of it move off toward the east. by 5:00 p.m., clouds and sunshine will be dry and breezy. then by the time we get to tonight and tomorrow morning, the winds will really settle down as high pressure builds in. the clouds are quickly approaching. remember that storm in kansas and oklahoma? here it comes tomorrow with the cloud cover midday. the mounting snow showers and then by evening things clear out once again or at least get partly sunny. we'll have variable clouds on thursday and cooler temperatures. today, partly sunny, mostly cloudy north and west 64 windy degrees. tomorrow mid-50s. friday 52. going to be a chilly one on friday. as we head toward the weekend, don't forget the playoff games for high school sports . net. maryland is at home. that should be a good day and
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sunday cooler around 50. hey, we're going into the kitchen when 9news now returns. [ female announcer ] we can't live in a bubble.
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♪ [ coughs ] [ female announcer ] with the most pharmacists certified to immunize... [ sneezes ] ...and walk-ins welcome everyday, we're making it easy for everyone to get their flu shot, no matter how small their motivation may be. ♪ so stop by and get your flu shot today at walgreens. there's a way to stay well. instead of staying home for thanksgiving, why not go out and let the experts prepare the dinner for you? my favorite chef is steven lucas at wildfire, which is at tyson's galleria third floor, mclean, virginia. he's here today to prepare a special salad. it is a takeoff of the famous waldorf salad but we're calling
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it the wildorf salad. there's the lettuce. >> it is. it is basically a julienne salad. you want it to be very thin. this is one of the salads we're featuring on our thanksgiving day menu. >> you'll have all of the specialties, the turkey and the ham and the sweet potatoes. >> i do. here i have cranberries, pecans and a little bit of sunflower seeds. >> all right. i will make juliennes. >> apples, got to have the apples in it. >> nice, sweet flavor. >> all right. can i put some of these in? >> please. >> fresh broccoli. wow, these flowerettes -- did you steam these? >> i did. >> i thought so. they look nice. >> i juiced these apples, made
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a syrup reduced it. what i have is a little apple ranch. >> apple ranch, really? >> got some herbs in there, thanksgiving herbs. >> all right. while you are doing that you brought a pie. what kind of pie is that? >> that's our pecan pie. we'll be serving that again for thanksgiving. >> mm-hmm. >> can't wait. >> what's next to it? >> sweet potato casserole and broccoli casserole, kind of a play on green bean casserole. >> that's ply favorite shad, the chopped salad. >> here is the secret weapon for this salad. everybody just tosses croutons in here. we're going to julieennne these up. you know how salad can be watery but this tightens it up. >> we have about 30 seconds.
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the recipe will be on our web site, and chicken breast, tell them what's on that. >> marinated in sage and parsely. >> oh, my god. >> of course you can use turkey, salmon or shrimp, whatever you want. >> go out to wildfire at tyson's galleria thanksgiving day. ask for steven. he will be there. he with ill have a fabulous menu for you. thanks for being here with us. >> my pleasure.
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